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Why are
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This is our community and our home. We are Oroville Strong!

Oroville has Global Recognition

As a result of the Oroville Dam spillway incident, the city of Oroville became a globally recognized name overnight. Unfortunately, this has led to the misperception that Oroville is unsafe—both as a place to visit and to do business.

We Need To Set the Record Straight

In order to set the record straight, we are seeking to secure funding for a campaign to heal the community, rebuild confidence in our infrastructure, and provide an accurate portrayal of who and where Oroville is. This multi-platform campaign will focus on both local outreach and national awareness.

UPDATE! 12/08/2017: DWR Has Responded to the Community’s Input

The Department of Water Resources has released a report that summarizes their response to community and stakeholder feedback throughout the Lake Oroville Spillway Response and Recover efforts. Read their report below and let us know what you think.

The Oroville Dam Coalition Letter

This letter, conceived at the first Oroville Strong meeting and signed by local leaders and members of the community affected by the Oroville Dam crisis, was sent to Governor Brown and the California Natural Resources Agency.

What our members say

Oroville Strong is a coalition of community groups, local businesses, local governments and agencies, and individuals. Together as one, we will be a strong voice for Oroville.

“With your support, and through an aligned mission as Oroville Strong! we can achieve great things for our community. We hope you will join with us in keeping Oroville Strong!”

Sandy Linville, PhD | President & CEO, Oroville Chamber of Commerce

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